FILLED: 2019 Board Positions Open, Facebook Group Mod

We are seeking new members for open positions that will begin in 2019.

To express interest, email hey @ hellobacc dot org with your interest and skills. Please review bylaws before applying.

For other ways to get involved with BACC events, email us at volunteer at hellobacc dot org or sign up for the volunteer list.

Requirements for Board positions include:

    • Time commitment is about 5-10 hours per month (depending on if there’s an event to attend that month)
    • Board commitment is one year
    • Communication is via email, Slack, virtual video meetings
    • Required to attend all Board meetings
    • Board meetings are held every other month for a maximum of two hours each. The other months have an optional catchup one-hour meeting.
    • Board meetings are virtual
    • Add reports to the agenda one week prior to Board meetings


Content-Driven Events Specialist Chair

This position is responsible for planning and executing non-competition BACC events. They can be social, educational, or just plain fun. You should have some sort of event planning experience.

  • Produces lectures, roundtables, panels & any other events that will further the education of coffee professionals
  • Plan and execute a minimum of four events per year
  • Coordinates with Events Chair


Sponsorships Chair

This position is responsible for obtaining and maintaining sponsorship relationships.

  • Create, propose, and execute sponsorship program for annual Throwdown season and any necessary events.
  • Achieve BACC fundraising goals.
  • Communicate with team to adhere to sponsorship agreements.
    • Marketing Chair about executing the posts, newsletter, and other promotion.
    • Graphic Designer for logos on graphic assets.
    • Photographer to get photos of sponsored products that can be shared.
  • Manage sponsor relations ongoing.


Competitions Specialist Chair

  • First point of contact on competition events
  • Plans and executes 3 BACC competition events per year; two Throwdown and one non-throwdown
  • Ensures competition host candidates are compliant with BACC Competition Requirements and approved unanimously by the Board.
  • Attends planned events
  • Heads up Competitions Committee, if created

Facebook group mod

This is not a Board position. We are looking for someone within the Bay Area coffee community to help moderate our Facebook group. You should be familiar with Facebook group admin controls and have prior experience in Facebook groups. Please email hey@ hellobacc dot org if you are interested.

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