Board Positions Open, Seeking Throwdown Venues

Board positions open

The BACC Board is currently seeking interested members of the Bay Area Coffee Community for the below Board positions.


To express interest, email hey @ hellobacc dot org with your interest and skills. Please review bylaws before applying.

For other ways to get involved with BACC events, email us at getinvolved at hellobacc dot org or sign up for the volunteer list.

Requirements for Board positions include:

    • Time commitment is about 5 hours per month
    • Board commitment is one year
    • Communication is via email, Slack, virtual video meetings
    • Required to attend all Board meetings
    • Board meetings are held every other month for a maximum of two hours each
    • Board meetings are virtual
    • Add reports to the agenda one week prior to Board meetings

Events & Volunteer Coordinator Chair – POSITION FILLED

  • Project manager of all events
  • Expected to be active in the local coffee community & attends surrounding areas events
  • Recruits new volunteers for the community
  • Welcomes new volunteers and connects them with the appropriate board chair
  • Keeps a record of all volunteers and appropriate contact information
  • Coordinates any necessary sponsorships
  • Coordinates with Events and Sponsorship Chairs

Throwdowns Specialist Chair – position filled

  • First point of contact on throwdowns
  • Plans and executes BACC throwdowns
  • Attends planned throwdowns
  • Heads up Throwdowns Committee, if created
  • Coordinates any necessary sponsorships
  • Coordinates with Sponsorship and Events Chairs

Marketing Chair – position filled

  • Works directly with Events Chairs to ensure necessary volunteers are found
  • Oversees marketing strategy of Bay Area Coffee Community
  • Updates sponsors on event progress, coverage, and any associated media
  • Manages social media, photography, and press inquiries

Throwdown Venues

We’re seeking four host venues for the 2018 BACC Throwdown season. Expected dates are: March, June, September, and December.

Venue requirements:

  • Located in the Bay Area
  • Event begins around 6 pm
  • Capacity of at least 49 people
  • Provide coffee, milk, and drinks
  • Adhere to our Code of Conduct

To apply:

  • Email hey @ hellobacc dot org
  • Choose your 1st and 2nd choice of month and date
  • Short description of why you’re interested in hosting a throwdown
  • Note if you will be providing staff volunteers for setup, cleanup, shots
  • Provide information on how you currently uphold our Code of Conduct

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