The Bay Area Coffee Community’s mission is to support, empower, and foster a community for ALL of the coffee professionals in the Bay Area through educational, social, and networking events.


  1. Create spaces for conversation & collaboration within the Bay Area
  1. Provide professional development events for baristas, roasters, cafe managers, green buyers & any others working within the specialty coffee industry


The Bay Area Coffee Community (BACC) began in 2012 as an organization of coffee professionals with a desire to host events and promote community. In 2013, it held a very successful series of latte art throwdowns. For two years, it went on hiatus. In 2016, we revived the BACC with a set of new by-laws and new people.


Code of Conduct


A copy of the bylaws is available by download (PDF).


President, Treasurer: Jason Reed Miller

Cafe Leader, Blue Bottle Coffee

Why are you involved with BACC? I got involved with the BACC to promote specialty coffee in the Bay Area while expanding my understanding of the Bay Area coffee industry as a whole.  I also want to meet more awesome folks working in coffee!

Random fact. Favorite NON-Coffee Food/beverage Item: BROCCOLI!!!!!!!!!

Vice-president, Secretary: Jenn Chen

Freelance Coffee Marketer, Writer, Photographer

Why are you involved with BACC? We’re in need of a community organization here to unite industry professionals and create a collaborative atmosphere.

Random fact: My favorite color is teal

Competitions Events Specialist: Foster Douglas

Owner @ Cura Coffeehouse

Why are you involved with the BACC? I’m excited to bring fresh energy and perspective to BACC events, and to do my part to bring our coffee community closer together!

Random fact. Favorite non-coffee food: Hands down, Salmon… it’s such a versatile and dynamic food, and it can be enjoyed in so many ways.

CONTENT-DRIVEN EVENTS Specialist: akaash Saini

Events & Volunteer Coordinator Chair: Sandra Elisa Loofbourow

Tasting Room Director at Royal Coffee

Why are you involved with the BACC? BACC’s classes and events have been inspiring me for years. I’m stoked to be able to give something back and actively support my community

Random Fact. I’m a classic Virgo!


Co-founder, Hedge Coffee

Why are you involved with the BACC? As a small business owner, I learned a lot in the past few years and wanted to share my knowledge with the community to help it grow and thrive.

Random Fact. Favorite non-coffee food/beverage item: Gummy Bears (guilty pleasure).

Sponsorship chair: Katie Carguilo

Coffee Manager, Counter Culture Coffee

Why are you involved with the BACC?I’ve received so much from the coffee community over the years and now I want to volunteer and give back! I hope I can help promote an environment where our community engages, inspires, and learns from one another. 

Random Fact. Zodiac sign is Gemini.

Interested in sponsoring? Email us at hey @ hellobacc . org

Want to volunteer at an event? Head to our volunteer page.


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