The Bay Area Coffee Community’s mission is to support, empower, and foster a community for ALL of the coffee professionals in the Bay Area through educational, social, and networking events.


The Bay Area Coffee Community (BACC) began in 2012 as an organization of coffee professionals with a desire to host events and promote community. In 2013, it held a very successful series of latte art throwdowns. For two years, it went on hiatus. Now, we’ve revived the BACC with a set of new by-laws and new people.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


talya-strader-bacc-presidentPresident: TALYA STRADER

General Manager, Equator Coffee & Tea

BGA member since: 2008 with a company, but independently since 2012

Why are you involved with BACC? I believe in the strength and empowerment that comes with community.

Random Fact: Favorite non-coffee food item is chocolate milk. Sometimes, I will wake up in the middle of the night just to drink chocolate milk.

jenn-chen-bacc-vice-presidentVice-president: Jenn Chen

Freelance Coffee Marketer, Writer, Photographer

BGA member since: 2015

Why are you involved with BACC? We’re in need of a community organization here to unite industry professionals and create a collaborative atmosphere.

Random fact: My favorite color is teal

bacc-jasonTreasurer: Jason Reed Miller

Operations Manager, Mazarine Coffee

BGA member since: 2016!

Why are you involved with BACC? I got involved with the BACC to promote specialty coffee in the Bay Area while expanding my understanding of the Bay Area coffee industry as a whole.  I also want to meet more awesome folks working in coffee!

Random fact. Favorite NON-Coffee Food/beverage Item: BROCCOLI!!!!!!!!!

Volunteer Recruitment & outreach coordinator: Sarah O’Sell

Sustainable Design, Freelance
BGA member since: 2017
Why are you involved with the BACC? To make friends and build community with similar passions for food and responsible design in the Bay Area (just moved here!).
Random fact. Favorite color: Black

bacc-ashleyEVENTS CO-CHAIR: Ashley Rodriguez

BGA member since: 2012

Why are you involved with BACC? I’m involved with the BACC because I love the coffee community and I love to learn and I want to bring both of thee passions together.

Random Fact. Spirit Animal: The blow-up guy dancing around in front of car dealerships

Events Co-Chair: Emily Dobies

Wholesale Trainer, Ritual Coffee Roasters

BGA member since: 2012

Why are you involved with the BACC? Specialty coffee is gaining popularity, but we still only make up a small percentage of the coffee industry. It’s important that we find cohesion and support amongst those in our industry to promote better quality in our workplace, as well as in the cup!

Random Fact. Zodiac sign: Oh girl, you know she’s a Leo

akaash-saini-sponsorshipSponsorship manager: Akaash Saini

Community Engagement / Coffee Educator, Equator Coffees & Teas

BGA member since: 2012

Why are you involved with BACC? A vibrant coffee community creates friends, opportunities, and education. 

Random Fact. Favorite NON-coffee beverage: Indian Chai 

Interested in sponsoring? Email us at sponsorship @ hellobacc . org


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